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Love Digital TV are the sole approved partner to Sky for London and the South, providing fully trained professional engineers who can install on to communal systems as well as personal mini dishes. If your installation is being carried out by a Love Digital TV engineer you can expect a friendly professional service with all work being completed to the highest standard.

Should you have any questions please see our FAQ’s below. If you can’t find the answer to your question in the below FAQ’s you can call Sky directly about your installation on 03442 414141 and their customer service representatives will be able to help you with any issues you may have.


What time is my engineer going to arrive?

Can I change my ETA?

Can I call the engineer?

Sky Broadband

Do I need to have Sky TV in order to have Sky Talk and Broadband?

How can I check what Broadband options are available to me?

What is Sky Broadband Unlimited?

What is Sky Broadband Connect?

What is Sky Fibre?

How do I know what Sky Broadband package is best for me?

Do I receive any equipment in the post for my broadband?

Sky Talk

Can I get Sky Talk Line Rental in my area?

Do I need to have Sky TV in order to have Sky Talk and Broadband?

What is the process for setting up Sky Talk?

What Sky Talk packages are available to me?

Further information and support

Sky Go

What mobile devices can I use Sky Go for?

What tablets can I use for Sky Go?

What games consoles can I use for Sky Go?

Sky TV

Can I have Sky TV services?

Do I need to have Sky Talk and Broadband in order to have Sky TV?

What TV packages are available to me?

What is Sky+HD?

Can I have more than one Sky+HD box in my room?

If I can’t have Sky multiscreen what other options are available to me?

What is high definition (HD)?

How do I record on my Sky+HD box?

How does Sky TV on demand work?

What does a standard Sky TV setup involve?

What is a non-standard installation?

What equipment do I need for my installation?

What time will the engineer arrive?

My Sky box is displaying a no satellite signal message and I am not getting my TV channels?

Can my Sky remote control, control my TV?

Do I need landlord permission to have a dish installed?

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